Financials & Economy.

Learn the truth behind the economy.

2018 could be the biggest shock to investors since the great depression.

Stock Market.

The stock market did not go up because of a Trump Rally. The biggest reason the stock market has increased was due to cheap money, tax cuts, and stock buy backs. In 1-week stocks lost what it took months to gain. Once the bottom goes, its gone and this is proof of it.

Debt & Deficits.

2018 has already broken records. In fact, the records for debt are set daily. Credit card debt, student loan debt, and trade deficits have hit new records in 2018. But, isn't a prospering economy and people supposed to pay off debt? A sign of prosperity is paying off debt and having no debt.

Fiat Troubles.

The US Dollar among others are starting to show weakness. Do not be fooled by central banks promising rescue. There is little to nothing that central banks can do to rescue fiat. Years of zero percent interest fiat have seeped into every market and every country.

Learning more.

The incoming financial troubles.


The US debt.

The US debt is constantly growing with no sight for a balanced budget or surplus. With the addition of tax cuts, the US government will have less revenue and increased deficits. In fact, a credit rating agency in China degraded the US after the tax cuts due to the increase in debts and decrease in tax revenue.


Trade Deficits.

When Trump campaigned in 2016, he campaigned against debt and deficits. The now president Trump has not lived up to his campaign promises of reducing debts, deficits, and smaller government. The new spending bill increased the size of government and national debt.


Whats going on now?

The US economy was recently hit with three huge debts. The first was the tax-cuts, the second was the spending bill, and lastly the infrastructure bill all worth about a trillion dollars added to the US debt. The dollar is starting to show weakness and proof of that is the dollar index (DXY) has reached a 3-Year low, below 90. China has stated they plan to reduce treasury purchases and many of the OPEC nations are starting to look towards other currencies to purchase oil such as the Chinese Yuan. China will start offering Yuan-Contracts for purchasing oil. So, what does all of this mean? Inflation. Stagflation. The result of QE, increasing debt, and printing money has pushed other nations to look twice at the US dollar. Proof of this can be seen anywhere from the formation of BRICS Bank, Yuan-Oil Contracts, weakening US Dollar, and increase in US bond prices. Finally, mainstream economist are starting to see the problems that many have been pointing at for so many years. 2008 was a real estate bubble that affected financials but today, its a financial problem that will affect everything. The facts are there and there is no denying it, so why not protect yourself from the coming financial turmoil.