Cryptocurrency Market.

Learn the truth behind the hype in the cryptoworld.

2018 has proven that crypto is no longer stable. This is not a correction, this is capitulation. 

Crypto Market.

The biggest risk and most volatile investment of 2018 is cryptocurrency. Let's get it straight, the bubble is popped. We believe crypto is in the capitulation stage and hundreds of cryptocurrencies will simply vanish from existence. The rise of cryptocurrency is eerly similar to the Dotcom Bubble of 2001. 

Market Cap.

The entire cryptocurrency market has plunged hundreds of billions in days. The fact that there is no safety net, circuit breakers proves that crypto can literally hit zero. Want proof? Look at Davorcoin. This coin went from $175 from last month to now $0.05 pennies. That is total collapse of an investment within an exceptionally short period.

No internet? No access.

While safety nets exist for the stock market, they simply do not exist for cryptocurrencies. Nor are any exchanges obligated to protect an investors money. Without access to a cryptocurrency exchange, an investor can not buy or sell and based off recent sell offs, investors can find themselves losing lots of money in little time.

Learning more of crypto..

The cryptocurrency bubble


The Hype.

Cryptocurrency has been around since 2012, but back then there were very few and trading them was almost non-existent because there weren't exchanges as we see today. In 2015, we noticed that crypto made a bigger impact in the media as the entire market cap grew. But, 2017 shaped up to be the biggest year for crypto as the market cap hit over $500 billion dollars. In fact, it became of such interest that Wall Street started offering futures for Bitcoin which was unexpected for such a new investment. But, this didn't seem to have much affect on investors or the media.


The investment and investors.

After much media and investor hype, the cryptocurrency market started to see a huge influx of novice and inexperienced investors piling into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, specially in December and early January when cryptocurrencies hit an all-time high. In fact, some exchanges had to limit or stop registrations due to the lack of resources necessary to handle so many investors and trades. We saw growing numbers of speculators making outrageous claims that Bitcoin would hit $50,000 or more. All of this news, hype, and speculation fueled the largest short term bubble ever. We've never seen a bubble blow up so fast in history, which includes the tulip mania. CNBC reported that a growing number of investors started investing money via credit and amazingly, there were reports of some investors refinancing their homes to invest. Talk about insanity.


The truth revealed. The bubble popped.

Having studied the Dotcom Bubble of 2001, we noticed that the similarities of that bubble and this bubble are extraordinarily similar. From the growth of a single entity which became over-valued, to the involvement of Wall Street and HUGE increase in IPOs. Can we say the same thing happened with crypto? Absolutely. The crypto bubble started with Bitcoin, then in December 2017 saw the involvement of Wall Street and since just October of 2017, we saw hundreds of new ICOs flooding the market. The crypto mania started to lose its appeal. With over 1,000 new coins.. investors became flooded with so many options that the appeal is wearing off. In January 2018, the bubble began to pop and amazingly cryptocurrency market followed the typical bubble trend. An all-time high, followed by a false recovery and now we have entered the capitulation stage. Do not be fooled by the increases in the price of Bitcoin, because there is no stability or safety net to protect investors and the price from total collapse. Diversify and buy precious metals with your profits. Secure yourself and your wealth before its too late.